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Programa ambiental empodera a los niños, leer aquí. 


Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies

"Kroc School Student Bianca Alvarado Receives Gerry Bush Scholarship", click here .

"Kroc IPJ's Social Fabric Initiative Strengthens Development of Youth Leaders" click here.  



Social Innovators At The Kroc School Interview, view here

Baja Urban participated in the Social Innovation Challenge in 2018 and received 5 awards.  The social impact challenge is organized by the Center of Peace and Commerce at the University of San Diego, view here.  


University of San Diego News

"MASI Degree Fosters Innovative Dreams of Social Entrepreneurs" click here

"USD Social Innovation Showcase (Week 4): Student Teams Increase Impact Through Innovation" click here

"Kroc School Students Honored at Sinaloa Peace Festival" Click here

Changemaker Challenge 2017-2018 participate and 2018-2019 Judge, Click here


Podcast Interview with FENT Show

FENT Show interviewed Bianca Alvarado to share her story in Spanish.  FENT, short for Female Entrepreneurs, is a space to shine the light on women who are passionate and ambitious. 

The Podcast is available in Spanish using Stitcher to listen, click here


San Diego Informer News

"MASI Degree Fosters Innovative Dreams of Social Entrepreneurs" Click here. 

Go Fund Me

Through the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, Bianca Alvarado worked with high school youth Volunteers while participating in the Social Fabric Initiative (SFI) in the summer of 2018, Click here