Our Story

Bianca Alvarado, our founder, grew up in the San Diego/ Tijuana border. Seeing the social impact of maquiladoras (assembly lines) in the local communities of Tijuana inspired her to get involved with sustainable production and manufacturing.


As a child, seeing her aunt's experience working in a maquialdora in Tijuana, made her aware of how women around the world work very hard yet do not earn a living salary. While visiting San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, in 2016, she was reminded again of this injustice. Indigenous women sell their handmade products on the streets for tourists at very low prices while their children beg for food or money. In 2018, Baja Urban started producing in-house products to be able to pay artisans a fair wage for their work. One-fourth of your purchase from our Greeting Cards Collection goes directly to artisans.


Bianca has been recognized for her social impact work by multiple local and international programs like the Gilman Scholarship from the US State Department, My Climate ( nonprofit climate protection organization based in Switzerland), and the Education Department in México.  

Crossing daily at three or four in the morning the Tijuana/ San Diego International Border was one of the greatest challenges that she has experienced. The border also separated her family for many years because her dad lived and worked in Santa Barbara and visited them only on the weekends in Tijuana. For her, growing up along the border was challenging but today the border is part of her social business and passion.  As she states, “Turning challenges into opportunities is a mindset that we are teaching youth through our youth program outreach." Ten percent from each product sold at Baja Urban, goes toward supporting our Hispanic youth programs.  

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